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Tradition & Passion


We’re proud to give you Duckett Blue, our silver rum made right here in Missouri.  The namesake Duckett originates from our founder’s forefathers who were among the first pioneers to cross the Mississippi River and settle in Oregon.  The hard work, dedication, and perseverance of the pioneer is what we at Nobletons strive to embody.  These traits inspire our passion, craft, and artistry to bring to you high quality and unique spirits.

Our Process

  1. Start With Pure Sugar Cane

    All of our spirits are made from 100% pure sugar cane, grown here in the United States. We use high quality ingredients to produce flavorful spirits.

  2. Just Add Water

    The Nobletons Distillery rests in Franklin County Missouri, with calcium rich water fed directly from beneath the farm. Used throughout the spirit making process, we hope to impart the character of the land in our products through our natural water source.

  3. Use In-House Fermentation

    The natural process of fermentation is the key step in creating alcohol from the sugar. Along with the alcohol, numerous flavors are imparted by the particular strain of yeast that Nobletons Distilling House employs in the fermentation process.

  4. Use Small Batch Distillation

    Every drop of spirits that pass through our distillation process is made with care. Our distillers work tirelessly to provide a unique, yet consistent flavor, to our products. The distillation step is the meeting place of artistry and technical skill in the distillery.

  5. And Personally Bottle

    Every bottle is hand-filled and labelled before it's sent to your local proprietor of fine spirits. From beginning to end, Nobletons strives to provide an exceptional and genuine product.


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